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Ensuring Vehicle Readiness:

Nothing is more disappointing for an eager customer than being presented with a test drive vehicle that has a dead battery. EventFalcon proactively notifies dealerships when a vehicle has a low or dead battery, allowing them to ensure that test drive vehicles are fully charged and ready for delivery. By eliminating unexpected delays and inconveniences, dealerships can provide a smoother sales process, leading to happier customers and increased sales.

Minimizing Wait Time:

Waiting time at different stages of the car buying journey has a direct implication on Customer satisfaction. As per Cox Automotive’s survey, dealing with salespeople searching for a vehicle from Dealership Inventory is one of the top frustration points for a car buyer in the purchase process. EventFalcon eliminates this issue by providing the exact location of the desired car. Dealerships can utomotive, 49% of new car buyers and 53% of used car buyers’ preferred mode of purchase is Walk-In to Dealership. 2019 Car Buyer Journey Study – Cox  Automotive Inc. ( We will discuss key points to equickly pinpoint the vehicle’s whereabouts, reducing customer wait time and maximizing selling opportunities.

Rapid Response to Customer Queries:

Promptly addressing customer inquiries about vehicle details is crucial for a positive car buying experience. EventFalcon’s Mobile App conveniently provides information on mileage and sales prices for every vehicle on the lot. Armed with this knowledge, sales representatives can set accurate expectations and keep the sales process on track, avoiding last-minute surprises that may lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Offering Value-Added Add-Ons:

Add-Ons play a significant role in a car dealership’s revenue stream and sales representatives’ incentives. However, it is important to avoid overwhelming customers with unnecessary or low-value Add-Ons. EventFalcon empowers dealerships to offer meaningful value to customers beyond the initial sale. By utilizing GPS devices, dealerships can keep customers connected with their cars and their loved ones who drive them. Additionally, EventFalcon’s Email Campaign feature facilitates communication of relevant after-sales services and offers, fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction.

In today’s competitive automotive landscape, customer satisfaction and loyalty are paramount. By implementing the tips outlined above and leveraging EventFalcon’s capabilities, car dealerships can drive success, revenue, and improved customer experiences. To learn more about how EventFalcon can streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction at your dealership, click here

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