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Pharmaceutical Formulation


Cosmetics and skin care


Our domestic market is a stronghold for us. We have manufactured pharmaceutical formulations since 1993. To produce tablets, capsules, syrups, creams, and B-Lactum formulations, Mediwin has been inspected and approved by numerous national and international authorities, including WHO-GMP, NAFDAC, PPB, FDB, and CDDA. We produce many different formulations, including antibacterial, analgesic & anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcers, anti-malarial, anti-fungal, dermatological products, anti-hypertensives, anti-diabetics, anti-allergic & anti-cold, nutrient, and vitamin. Additionally, we manufacture and supply natural extracts, sweeteners, phytochemicals, and cosmetics.

We are the manufacturer and supplier of 200+ products all over India in the Pharmaceutical Formulation, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics and skincare categories.